The competent administration of elections is incredibly important for citizen trust in the democratic process. As Lansing Township Clerk, Mike will use his experience with election administration and an earnest implementation of Prop 3 to ensure residents have every available means to the ballot and information they deserve.

Modern, Open & Engaged 

Local Government


An updated IT infrastructure for the Township is important to keeping our local government accessible and secure. Focusing on a new website and email list for Township residents will help bring local government to our neighbors. With technological advances, input from the Township community can be more varied and easier than ever before.



To be an engaged citizen, access to your local government through documents, meeting minutes and schedules is vitally important. Any non-confidential information Trustees and other officials are using to decide on a vote should be readily available whether digitally or physically to any resident prior to any meeting or vote.

Ensuring Township residents have up to date information on what their local government is doing will be a strong focus for Mike as Clerk. This will include regular in-person and virtual Coffee Hours around the Township. Our unique geography makes it even more important for officials to be available in multiple locations and dates.

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